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Initial Connection

When the customer enters the finance office of a dealer, they've already made a decision to buy a vehicle from that dealer. As a support industry in the F&I office, we do a great job of disrupting that decision by showing the customer products and services they've never heard of.
Dash Damage Administration
Dash Damage Administration


With Your Dealer Experience, the selling dealer promotes themselves, powered by the Your Dealer Experience engagement platform, which supports the decision the customer made when they entered the finance office. During the F&I products menu presentation, the customers are introduced to the dealer’s service app. This show, don't tell, tactic amplifies sales and increases retention for the dealer.

Ownership Experience

Our Solution

The Challenge

When F&I products are traditionally sold, the dealer's connection to their customer is lost, associated to the F&I product service interaction. The customer is forced to interact with the various third party administrators' (TPAs) claims mechanisms, primarily disassociated 1800 numbers or archaic online forms, when service is needed. The dealer's brand and their customer relationship is typically never honored after the point-of-sale.

The Solution

With Your Dealer Experience, the dealer's relationship with their customer is always supported through the dealer's branded service app. Rather than handing the customer off to multiple disconnected service channels, the customer has one dealer branded engagement platform to manage all their purchased F&I products, even when multiple TPAs exist. The Your Dealer Experience platform connects the TPAs behind the scenes using Dash, an advanced claims management system.
Service Connection

Service Drive Connection

When a customer intuitively returns to the dealer's service drive for service, this is an organic opportunity for enhancing the dealer's relationship with their customer. However, today's disconnected multiple TPA service maze makes it equally difficult for the service advisor to initiate service for their customer. The retention opportunity is strained because of his out dated navigation challenge.
Service Drive
Path To Service
Path To Service

Path To Service

With Your Dealer Experience, the service advisor simply asks for the customer's last name, then scans the vehicle's VIN bar code using the dealer's branded service app, and they're immediately connected with an innovative path to service. Simple and intuitive - even when multiple TPAs exist.

In Action

What should digital claims engagement look like today?

If you're expecting an Amazon-like experience with most third part administrators, you'll be very disappointed. 1800 numbers, phone queues, CALL HOLD WAIT TIMES, archaic fill-in-all-the-blanks online claim forms or an anemic app that only works with certain F&I products or one F&I provider litter today’s support landscape. The question is, should a customer (or dealer’s service advisor) have frictionless access to all of their F&I products and related services on one dealer branded app, even if those products are fueled by multiple providers?

Mechanical digital claims with YDE

GAP digital claims with YDE

Ancillary digital claims with YDE

Personalized Connection

Customers desire a personalized experience. Your Dealer Experience delivers the transparency of individual coverage details, custom vehicle interaction and a direct conduit to service. Your Dealer Experience is the customer's personal passport to enhanced ownership experience, with the dealer's brand and connection to their customer never lost.

Extended Coverage

Your Choice Protection®

The value of F&I products have long been a critical financial work center for every dealership. It's equally valuable to a new or preowned customer to enhance their ownership journey, as long as the customer has time to understand each F&I product. When these F&I products are presented to a customer at the time of a vehicle purchase (in the dealer’s F&I environment), time is a major barrier.

Customers overwhelming want to reduce the time of the vehicle purchasing process but in doing so dealers are missing additional revenue opportunities. It’s nearly impossible (even in the best scenarios) for enough time to be given for the sales person or F&I manager to present every F&I product and for the customer to equally understand each F&I product. Also, if the customer is already fatigued at the vehicle consideration and selection process, the F&I products may not have a credible chance at all.

  • Coverage Indicator

    Plug-in Your Choice Protection today and amplify the revenue/retention value of F&I products beyond the limited view, one touch that it is today. There is so much new ground to be gained!

    Your Choice Protection
  • Your Choice Protection

    Mileage Input

    We ask the customer to input a current reading from their vehicle odometer. The current vehicle mileage will determine what types of Your Choice Protection coverage are available. Our system calculates the mileage and identifies any available plans.

  • YCP Coverage Results

    Your Choice Protection presents all available coverages options based on vehicle and mileage. Selecting which plan the customer is interested in will provide more details about the plan terms and coverage information

    Your Choice Protection
  • Your Choice Protection

    YCP Coverage Overview

    An overview of the coverage plan, including price and available terms is presented once a customer has selected a plan from the previous view. Specific coverage details, terms and payment options are available in the lower half of our user interface. See the next page of this document for an example of the coverage info and terms views.

  • Signature Requirement

    A digital signature area is provided for all customers purchasing new coverage through Your Choice Protection. Customers are prompted to sign using their finger on their smartphone, and our software captures a copy of the signature to be issued along with payment during the next steps.

    Your Choice Protection
  • Your Choice Protection

    Secure Payment

    Payment via secure credit card transactions are handled using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Please note that our software does not store any customer credit card information on our servers. Not storing or retaining customer payment information creates an added security measure.

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Push Notification
Push notification and in-app retention: advertise oil change specials, car wash invitations, service reminders, dealer news, special events and more.

Customer Rewards

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Earn Rewards

Exclusive savings and enhanced experiences are all tracked and stored inside our rewards component.
QR Scanning

Point & Scan

Customers scan points at the dealership or participating partner location. Points are stored and recorded in our mobile app and can be redeemed for exclusive savings and offers.
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