Administration System

TPA gained smartphone connection, improved loss control and internal efficiencies

Claims Management

Dash is built exclusively for administrators and service providers: Experience powerful loss control tools including photo management
Dash Administration
Claim Process

Claim Processing

Full claim processing including photo review, estimate upload and approval flows
Dash Damage Administration
Dash Damage Administration

Agreement Info

Our administration software provides a simple work flow process for all aspects of the claim life cycle

Priority Communications

Connected Messaging

Priority Communications


Priority communications allow administrators the ability to communicate with customers, dealers and service advisors on each claim


Administers can set priority communications to issue email notifications and never miss new messages


All communications are tethered to a claim, providing a full record of all activity on each filing

Fully Integrated

Dash software connects admins with TPA's, service advisors and customers via our web and mobile app ecosystem.
PC's Mobile

Coverage Definitions

Manage Package Information


Package Management

Customize, edit and publish your coverage packages.
Contract Import
Contract Import

Contract Import

Administrators can conveniently bulk load contracts directly through our import feature

Welcome to Dash

Exclusively for administrators and service providers - a direct connection to authorized technicians with auto assignment functionality.

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